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When we use Firefox, Coc Coc or Google Chrome will sometimes encounter errors such as unresponsive sầu Plugin, Flash content does not display. So how lớn handle this case?

Flash Player-related errors often occur in browsers like Firefox or Coc Coc or Google Chrome. You will receive a notification like a Plug-in that hangs or does not respond, Flash content is not displayed. This will be a big annoyance in the process of surfing the website or playing games on the browser. In this article, we will show you how khổng lồ fix Flash Plugin errors on Coc Coc, Google Chrome và Firefox browsers.

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1. Fix Flash errors on Google Chrome:

In case the user has enabled Flash to lớn run on the trang web, but still shows the error message as below, Flash does not work, then it can be resolved according lớn the following steps. This way we can apply with Coc Coc browser because of the same source code.

Some Flash error messages on Chrome:

Adobe Flash has been blocked due lớn obsolescence.Unable khổng lồ load the plugin.The following plugins are blocked on this page.This plugin is not supported.Plugin (Shockwave Flash) is not responding.

Step 1:

First go khổng lồ the video clip or game page to lớn turn on Flash. On the left of the website address, cliông xã on the lock icon or Information.


Step 2:

Go to the Flash section và then cliông chồng the arrow icon select Always allow on this site. Then cliông xã on the Reload above sầu lớn save sầu the new changes.


Step 3:

Next we will proceed to update Flash. At Google Chrome, please visit chrome: // components & press Enter. With Coc Coc, visit coccoc: // components / and also press Enter to access.


Step 4:

Find the các mục below the Adobe Flash Player section . Cliông xã the Cheông chồng for updates button to lớn kiểm tra which version of Flash is in your browser.


If the notice that the Component has not been updated or the Component has been updated as shown below, then it means Flash on Chrome browser is in the latest version.

Finally, reload the site with Flash content khổng lồ apply changes.


If you cannot fix the above error, please reinstall Flash from the Adobe website according to lớn the liên kết below. In addition, upgrading Chrome khổng lồ the lakiểm tra version will also fix errors that frequently occur with Flash in the browser.

Download Adobe Flash Player

2. Fix Flash errors on Coc Coc:

Note that readers , currently this way only applies to lớn the old version of Coc Coc và Google Chrome from version 57 or less . With newer Coc Coc versions, users cannot bởi vì this.

Download Coc Coc browser for freeInstructions to bloông xã ads on Coc Coc

Because Coc Coc browser also takes source code like Google Chrome browser, the way khổng lồ fix Flash Player on Coc Coc is similar lớn Chrome.

Step 1:

mở cửa Coc Coc"s browser & enter the URL address coccoc: // components / & press Enter to lớn access.


Fix the PlugIn Coc Coc error

Step 2:

At the Pugins interface, the Adobe Flash Player section will select the Always allow run & click on the Details button on the top right of the interface.

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Enable Plugin in Coc Coc

Step 3:

In the Details view, we will scroll down to the Adobe Flash Player section. In the Location section, you will copy the liên kết to PepperFlash và click Copy as shown below.

Link lớn the Flash Player plugin tệp tin on Coc Coc, Chrome:

C: Documents và SettingsAdminLocal SettingsApplication DataCocCocBrowserUser DataPepperFlash23.0.0.166

Or take the form:

C:UsersAdministratorAppDataLocalCocCocBrowserApplication47.2.2526.131PepperFlash You change the name Users or Admin with the corresponding tài khoản name on your computer, the Flash Player version number will also be different for each computer. Everyone rethành viên this place!


Fix bug Plugin does not respond on Coc Coc

Step 4:

Next, paste the thư mục path into the thư mục tìm kiếm box on your computer và press Enter as shown below.


Can"t tải về Coc Coc Plugin

Step 5:

Soon we will reach the thư mục containing PepperFash files on the computer. In the pepflashplayer.dll tệp tin, right-clichồng and select Properties .


Step 6:

Appeared PepperFlash Properties window interface. Here, you will cliông xã on the Security tab.


Or you can refer to this article khổng lồ know how khổng lồ display the Security tab by reading the following article: How to enable / disable the Security tab?

In addition, the fact that you are formatting the hard drive sầu as FAT32 will also occur in the absence of the Security tab. The fix is ​​to convert the hard drive size from FAT32 to lớn NTFS. Readers who follow every detail in the article How to transfer FAT32 to lớn NTFS on Windows does not chiến bại data.

Step 7:

Also at that interface, just below we will cliông xã on the Edit button.


Step 8:

Next on Group or usernames , you will select the Everyone account. Under Permission for Everyone , we will select the Allow box in 3 categories: Full control , ModifyRead & execute . Then cliông xã Apply and OK khổng lồ save sầu the new settings.


After the change is over, you will not get the Plugin error without responding lớn Coc Coc browser.

2. How khổng lồ fix the plugin on Firefox browser:

This error occurred in Firefox because we installed many utilities and thus led to conflicts with Adobe Flash Player. Besides, using old Firefox version may result in Plugin not being supported.

To be able to remedy this situation, it is best lớn install the lachạy thử version of Firefox và then remove the unused utilities in the browser.

Download Firefox browser for free


Or we can download the new Adobe Flash Player if you have sầu already used Firefox in the new version.

Download the không tính tiền Adobe Flash Player software

When installing a new version of Firefox & Adobe Flash Player, Flash Player-related errors or other errors will be less likely to lớn occur.

Above sầu is how to lớn fix Flash stop suddenly, no response on Coc Coc browser and Firefox. Hopefully, with this fix, you can play games or watch videos in your browser without errors related to Flash Player anymore.

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I wish you all success!