Updated September 24, 2021 | King"s Raid from Vespa is one of the most popular hero collector RPGs in the world. Boasting impressive strategic game play and a roster that doesn"t shy when it comes to lớn beautiful và suggestive heroines, this is a trò chơi that remains relevant thanks to lớn frequent updates and interesting crossovers. Just as it happens with most games of the ilk, you have the option to enter coupon codes to redeem valuable rewards. In our King"s Raid coupon codes list you can find codes that will help you out during 2020 và onward.

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King"s Raid Coupon Codes List


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Remember that this isn"t cheating, quite on the contrary. All codes are official and distributed by the King"s Raid developers via social truyền thông or as rewards for limited time events. When a code is publicly offered, its use may be limited lớn the number of redeems, or it may come with an expiration date, something that is extremely common with these codes.

Here is our King"s Raid coupon codes list:

P34c3921wKR – redeem code for Deluxe Ether Box x15, Technomagic Experiment Report x,10, Reforge Ticket x20, quality Treasure Fragment x1,000, Soulstone Fragment Ticket x200 – can be used in America, Europe, và Asia – expires September 30, 2021W3dD1NgkRCo5PDEDGEGIFT (expires July 22, 2021)2M42NXBSP3DM (redeem for 15,601 Rubies, Soulstone Ticket, Lua’a quality Weapon Ticket – expires June 30, 2021)XCHAPFREYCLAUSEKASEL (redeem for Overhead Dark Lord, Overhead Fallen Angel)1s4i4ah5229iftKO3R5RV3OE5Lshakmeh85w1sunshakmeh75s5sunshakmeh97d8sunshakmeh15q3sunLucikiel52d35troy (expires January 18, 2021)RipineRiheet75EGiftRipineRiheet3Y7GiftRipineRiheet5w1GiftRipineRiheetHJSGiftRipineRiheet9T4GiftRipineRiheetBVDGiftriheet98a6ripine (Unique Weapon Fragment x250, chất lượng Treasure Fragment x250, Stamina Potion x20)riheet84q5ripine (Unique Weapon Fragment x250, chất lượng Treasure Fragment x250, Stamina Potion x20)Riheet15e1ripine (Unique Weapon Fragment x250, unique Treasure Fragment x250, Stamina Potion x20)riheet23o7ripine (Unique Weapon Fragment x250, unique Treasure Fragment x250, Stamina Potion x20)KINGSRAIDGALAXYOPEN (expires February 28, 2021)gremory52e5disasterisolet03e1gray (Unique Weapon Fragment x1,000 – expires September 21, 2020)isolet62z8gray (Unique Weapon Fragment x1,000 – expires September 21, 2020)isolet45q3gray (Unique Weapon Fragment x1,000 – expires September 21, 2020)isolet12a5gray (Unique Weapon Fragment x1,000 – expires September 21, 2020)FB2RaidEvent37 (expires August 31, 2020)FB1RaidEvent79 (expires August 31, 2020)

As a word of advice, you should use these codes as soon as you spot them. Sometimes the expiration date isn"t easy to find, so it"s better khổng lồ be safe than sorry. Keep an eye out for this list and official King"s Raid channels such as the Facebook and Twitter page – you may spot a new code before many players, giving you a little boost that could make all the difference between failing or passing a stage.

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Did you discover a new valid King"s Raid code? Tell us all about it in the comments and we"ll địa chỉ it into this list.

How lớn Redeem King"s Raid Coupon Codes


Redeeming those sweet King"s Raid codes is as easy as pie. Follow the instructions below.

Redeem on Android:

Tap your profile picture in the đứng đầu left cornerSelect the Others tabTap the Use Coupon button in the bottom left corner of the windowType or paste your codeIf the code is valid, you can find your rewards in the game"s mailbox

Redeem on iOS:

Enter your game ID, coupon code, & select your serverFind your game ID: tap on your in-game profile -> Others -> Copy your game ID

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