Bluestacks không kết nối được internet

How will this help?

If you are experiencing any Internet connection issues for using, you may see a message like the one shown below.

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In such a case, this detailed guide will teach you how you can resolve sầu such issues.

How can I resolve sầu this?

There are 6 different solutions that you can try lớn resolve sầu any such issues. Clicking on the liên kết below will take you khổng lồ the relevant sections in the article.

Restarting your router

One simple solution for any mạng internet issue is lớn ensure that you"re connected to the mạng internet in the first place. If you aren"t, you will see a screenshot lượt thích the one shown below, when you hover over the option for mạng internet settings within the System tray.


In such a case, please make sure that the cables in your router are connected properly & try restarting your router by turning it off and on again.

Resetting your Internet settings

Another reason for internet accessibility issues can be errors that may occur in your computer"s internet protocol settings. You can resolve such errors by following these easy steps:

Enter "cmd" in the tìm kiếm boxof the taskbar khổng lồ find the Comm& Prompt.

Commvà Prompt will now appear. Here,clichồng on "Run as administrator"


Once the application opens, type "netsh int ip reset" & hit Enter.


Restart Windows for the changes lớn take effect.

Disabling proxies và VPN connections

Proxies and VPNs can sometimes hinder the bridging process between the internet and your computer. You can disable them by following these simple steps:

Type "Control Panel" in the search boxof the taskbar và open it from the results.


Click on the Network và Internet Settings.


Now, open the Internet Options.


Go lớn the Connections tab.

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Here you can disable your VPN by selecting it and clicking on Remove sầu.


Now khổng lồ disable any proxy VPS, click on LAN settings.


Here, unkiểm tra the box next lớn "Use a proxy VPS for your LAN" under the Proxy server section.


Clearing DNS cache

Clearing out your DNS cabít is an effective sầu solution for resolving any internet issues, as it clears outdated or incorrect IPhường. addresses stored for different applications. You can vày this by following these steps:

Enter "cmd" in the tìm kiếm box of the taskbarkhổng lồ find theCommvà Prompt.

Now, xuất hiện Commvà Prompt from the tìm kiếm results.


Once the application opens, type "ipconfig /flushdns" and hit Enter.


That"s about it. Your DNS cabịt will now get cleared.

Using a different DNS server

If the DNS hệ thống assigned to you is not functioning properly then you will not be able to access the mạng internet. Thankfully, you can choose a different VPS by following these steps:

Press the Windows + R keys together khổng lồ open the Run application.


Here type "ncpa.cpl" and hit enter.


The Network Connections window will appear. Here, right-click on the Internet connection you"re using và select Properties.


Your Internet"s properties will open up. Here, selectInternet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).


Now,enable the option "Use the following DNS server addresses" & enter the new Preferred DNS serverAlternate DNS VPS.


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