Installing IDM CC for Firefox 47 will enable you to integrate the download bar of IDM downloadable software right on the Firefox browser. This is an essential triông chồng if you want khổng lồ download interesting videos or songs from the mạng internet through the Firefox browser.

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As you know, IDM CC is a built-in extension of Internet Download Manager (IDM) software on browsers that displays the links capture bar. Mostly, when installing IDM software, IDM CC extensions will be installed automatically right on the browsers lượt thích Cup Cup or Chrome.

However, some users said that IDM CC does not automatically capture liên kết on the browser. This error is mainly caused by IDM CC not being upgraded lớn the lakiểm tra version. So how to lớn install IDM CC on the lachạy thử Firefox. Here, will introduce lớn you how to lớn install IDM CC on Firefox 47:

Install IDM CC on Firefox 47

Since Firefox version 40 onwards, IDM CC extension has added a new version called IDM Intergration. This add-on is only compatible with Firefox versions 40 & up. Meanwhile, IDM CC plug-in will only work on older versions.

Thus lớn display IDM tải về link on Firefox, you will need to tải về the latest Firefox version and IDM Intergration.

Download IDM. Download IDM.

Download IDM Intergration. Download IDM Intergration.

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How lớn install IDM Intergration / IDM CC is quite simple, just follow the steps below:

Step 1: After downloading tệp tin IDM Intergration / IDM CC format xxx. xpi, you drag và drop from the archive sầu thư mục lớn the website interface of Firefox 47.


Press OK lớn complete.

So introduced to you how to lớn install IDM CC or IDM Intergration right on the latest Firefox 47 browser.

Also, you can refer khổng lồ more instructions enable / disable IDM CC on Chrome has been introduced by to readers before. This trick will show you how lớn use IDM in your browser Chrome The most effective way.

After downloading, IDM integration in the browser, users will be able to lớn download YouTube videos by IDM easily.

The trichồng to tải về your favorite videos on YouTube by IDM is quite simple và you just need to pre-install IDM as well as IDM CC / IDM Intergration for the software khổng lồ automatically get the links for you lớn tải về.